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Prof. dr. M. (Marcel) Lubbers

Marcel Lubbers



Professor of Inclusion and Exclusion of Immigrants at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Radboud University Nijmegen

Educational background

Sociology & Communication science


Political sociology, cohesion, immigrant integration, nationalism, right-wing radicalism


++ 31 (0)70 3565278


lubbers @

Selected publications

Geurts, N. & Lubbers, M. (2019),
The role of country of origin engagement in second-language proficiency of recent migrants. Ethnic and Racial Studies 42 (16): 120-140. [URL]
Glas, S., Spierings, N. Lubbers, M. & Scheepers, P. (2019),
How polities shape support for gender equality and religiosity's impact in Arab countries. European Sociological Review. [URL]
Lubbers, M. (2019),
What kind of nationalism sets the radical right and its electorate apart from the rest? Pride in the nation’s history as part of nationalist nostalgia. Nations and Nationalism 25 (2): 449-466. [URL]
Lubbers, M. & Gijsberts, M. (2019),
Changes in self-rated health right after immigration: A panel study of economic, social, cultural, and emotional explanations of self-rated health among immigrants in the Netherlands. Frontiers in Sociology. [URL]
Lubbers, M. & Renema, J. (2019),
Immigranten en hun kennis van de Nederlandse verzorgingsstaat. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 35 (2): 4-7. [URL]
Renema, J., Meuleman, R. & Lubbers, M. (2019),
Immigrants’ support for welfare spending and the role of perceived and preferred group’s access to welfare: A comparative study among 10 immigrant groups in the Netherlands. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. [URL]
Berning, C., Lubbers, M. & Schlueter, E. (2018),
Media attention and radical right-wing populist party sympathy. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. [URL]
Lubbers, M., Diehl, C., Kuhn, T. & Larsen, C.A. (2018),
Migrants' support for welfare state spending in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. Social Policy & Administration 52 (4): 895-913. [URL]
Meuleman, R., Lubbers, M. & Verkuyten, M.J.A.M. (2018,
Parental socialization and the consumption of domestic films, books and music. Journal of Consumer Culture 18 (1): 103-130. [URL]
Renema, J. & Lubbers, M. (2018),
Self-interest, welfare group-interest, and immigrants' support for the welfare state: A comparative study of immigrants in the Netherlands. Open access. First published: 19 July 2018. International journal of social welfare. [URL]
Renema, J. & Lubbers, M. (2018),
Welfare-based income among immigrants in the Netherlands: differences in human and social capital. Open access. First published: 20 March 2018. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee studies. [URL]
Sipma, T. & Lubbers, M. (2018),
Contextual level unemployment and support for radical right parties: A meta-analysis. Acta Politica. [URL]
Lubbers, M. & Coenders, M.T.A. (2017),
Nationalistic attitudes and voting for the radical right in Europe. European Union Politics, 18 (1), 98-118. [URL]
Zwan, R. van der, Lubbers, M. & Eisinga, R. (2017),
The political representation of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands: ethnic minority candidates and the role of party characteristics. First published: 11 April 2018 Acta Politica. [URL]
Lubbers, M. & Meuleman, R. (2016),
Participation in national celebrations and commemorations: The role of socialization and nationalism in the Dutch context. Social Science Research, 55: 111-121. [URL]
Lubbers, M. (2008),
Regarding the Dutch ‘nee’ to the European Constitution. A test of the identity, utilitarian and political approach to vote no. European Union Politics, 9 (1): 59-86. [URL]
Lubbers, M., Gijsberts, M. & Scheepers, P. (2002),
Extreme right-wing voting in Western Europe. European Journal of Political Research, 41 (3): 345-378. [URL]

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