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Work & Retirement

The Work and Retirement theme group takes the transition from work to retirement as the central research focus. In light of the demographic development of population ageing, government policies aim to raise the labour force participation of older adults and promote active ageing. The current changes in the retirement landscape raise new questions on retirement and its precursors and consequences.

Our research has an interdisciplinary focus integrating insights from labour economics, sociology, and psychology and applies a life course perspective to study the causes and consequences of work to retirement transitions. Within our research approach, it is explicitly recognized that the retirement transition is not a one-time event, but covers a broader period of time. We study several aspects of this process including individual preparation towards the retirement event, the actual retirement behaviour, and the adjustment to life without the dominance of paid work. To be able to follow individual trajectories over time, we make use of longitudinal data collected among employees and their partners (multi-actor).

Moreover, we study how employers think about, and behave towards older workers in the context of an ageing labour force and the prospect of extending the working life. Finally, we examine how decision making in the pension domain can be affected by the institutional setting, in particular how trust in pension providers or in government affects choices and more generally whether people want to save on an individual or collective basis in an aging society.

The theme group collaborates with researchers from UMCG Groningen, University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht, and TNO-Leiden.


Main project:

Other and related projects:

Concluded projects:


Recent publications

(for all output see personal pages of the research team members)

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