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Late-life labour market decisions in a couple context

In the sub-project “Late-Life Labour Market Decisions in a Couple Context” of the project "Ageing workers in an ageing society: Labour force transitions and work in late life" we aim to unravel how men and women influence each other’s labor market behavior and retirement decisions during late life. Nowadays, a rising number of women – and married women in particular – are in paid employment when reaching the public pension age. This development does not only leave workers of both genders likely to face retirement in a couple context, but also means that both men and women might either have a working or non-working spouse. Which factors influence the retirement decision making process of older couples? Why and how do spouses influence workers’ retirement decision? How do dual-earners decide whether to retire at approximately the same time? We intend to answer questions such as these by taking a multi-actor approach in which workers and their spouses are both seen as active participants in the decision making process.

This PhD-project is a collaborative effort to combine expertise from NIDI-KNAW with expertise of the University of Amsterdam in the field of family sociology and social demography.

Research Team

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