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Labour market and emigration

This project seeks to throw more light on present-day emigration from the Netherlands and focuses on retirement migration and knowledge migration. How big is the potential group of emigrants, both permanent and temporary, and what are their characteristics and economic activities? How big is the potential group of elderly emigrants, both permanent and temporary? In what way do they differ from Dutch people who wish to spend their old age in the Netherlands? In what way do potential emigrants differ from one another in terms of country or region of destination?

The research uses an existing database developed in 2005, supplemented with new data provided by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) to see whether people actually fulfil their emigration intentions. The 2005 database consists of a representative sample drawn among the Dutch population by NIDI (reference date January 2005) and a similar, but more extensive survey among people with emigration plans. In addition to using the survey data, this project examines which of the respondents actually emigrated in the past two years by linking this information to CBS data at individual level. Additionally, new data will be gathered to shed more light on retirement migration and temporary labour migration. This information will be gathered with the aid of the CentERpanel, which is being conducted by the CentERdata institute of Tilburg University. The CentERpanel has proven to be a flexible and reliable sample framework in earlier NIDI research.


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Research team

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