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Project:LIFETIMING [concluded]

The timing of life: uncerstanding cross-national differences in the organisation of the life course in Europe

The general objective of the LIFETIMING project is to explain variations in the views of European men and women on the organization of the life course. Attention is paid to markers of the transition from one life stage to another, the content of social norms about the timing and sequencing of demographic events, and the importance of life planning in contemporary societies.

The project uses data on the timing of life that were collected in the 2006 wave of the European Social Survey. This project is funded by NWO and the European Science Foundation within its EUROCORES programme on Human Values, Institutions and Behaviour (Humvib). Liefbroer is the project leader; other principal investigators and associated partners are Gunhild Hagestad (Agden University, Norway), Zsolt Spéder (Hungarian Statistical Office, Hungary), Francesco Billari (Università Bocconi, Italy) and Arnstein Aassve (Università Bocconi, Italy).


Liefbroer, A.C. & A.J. Rijken (2009),
Religie en huwelijkswaarden in Europa [abstract]. In: H.B.G. Ganzeboom & M. Wittenberg (eds.),Nederland in vergelijkend perspectief; Proceedings Tweede Nederlandse Workshop European Social Survey - 13 november 2008. DANS Symposium publicaties 5, Amsterdam: AKSANT, p. 169-175. [pdf]



Research team

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