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NIDI's research results are published in national and international journals, books and reports (see the full overview of publications). The Institute's own publication programme, which is also open to external authors, includes:

DEMOS, Bulletin on Population and Society

Demos DEMOS, Bulletin on Population and Society, is considered NIDI's most important popular publication and contributes significantly to raising the Institute's identity. The bulletin has ten issues a year and a circulation of over 2,500 hard copies, and is aimed at a broad, general audience in political, policy and education circles. The bulletin occasionally appears in English.

NIDI books

NIDI reports The NIDI Books series is published by the Institute itself. Although the books primarily disseminate research findings of NIDI projects, external authors are also invited to contribute to this series.

Other books

Books NIDI researchers also publishes in books outside the regular NIDI publication series. See the overview of recently published books.

NIDI Working Papers

Working papers NIDI's publication programme includes working papers. NIDI Working Papers are interim reports on ongoing research projects in the institute and have received only limited review.

Overview of external publications

NIDI's research findings are published in external national and international journals, books and reports. See for an overview of all external publications in the current and past year: Publications 2018Publications 2017

We often publish together with colleagues from other institutes, organizations and universities abroad:


Geographical distribution of abroad based co-authors of articles in journals from the (Social) Science Citation Index in the period 2012-2016


The map shows the locations of our abroad based co-authors over the past five years.

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