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NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award and NVD Poster Award 2018

28 November 2018

Bettina Hünteler wins the NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award 2018 and Ilya Kashnitsky received the NVD Poster award 2018.

The 2018 Master Thesis Award was granted to Bettina Hünteler of the University of Groningen for her thesis entitled “Spatial Immobility Related to the Family – Do Geographic Proximity to the Parents and Intergenerational Support Exchange Matter for Migration Decisions within Germany?”.

The 2018 NVD Poster Award was presented to Ilya Kashnitsky (Centre on Population Dynamics and NIDI) for his poster “Regional Population Structures at a Glance”.

The awards were presented Wednesday, November 28th at the Dutch Demography Day in Utrecht by Leo van Wissen (director NIDI).

The NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award for the best master thesis in the field of the interdisciplinary study of population/demography is awarded every year at the Dutch Demography Day.

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