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I. (Ilya) Kashnitsky M.Sc.

Ilya Kashnitsky

PhD researcher


Research Intern at the Migration Policy Center, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Educational background

Demography / Geography


Intergenerational replacement, internal migration, spatial analysis, geographical information systems (GIS)


++ 31 (0)70 3565214


kashnitsky @


Kashnitsky, I., Beer, J.A.A. de & Wissen, L.J.G. van (2017),
Economic convergence in ageing Europe. NIDI Working Paper no. 2017/2. The Hague: NIDI. 26 p. [URL]
Kashnitsky, I. & Gunko, M.S. (2016),
Spatial variation of in-migration to Moscow: Testing the effect of housing market. Cities 59: 30-39. [URL]
Kashnitsky, I., Mkrtchyan, N. & Leshukov, O.V. (2016),
Interregional migration of youths in Russia: A comprehensive analysis of demographic statistics. Educational Studies Moscow 12 (3): 169-203. [URL]
Kashnitsky, I. & Gunko, M. (2014),
Spatial variation of in-migration to Moscow: housing market VS socialist legacy. NIDI Working Paper no. 2015/03. The Hague: NIDI. 21 p. [URL]
Kashnitsky, I. & Mkrtchyan, N. (2014),
Russian periphery is dying in movement: A cohort assessment of Russian internal youth migration based on census data. NIDI Working Paper no. 2014/14. The Hague: NIDI. 31 p. [URL]
Kashnitsky, I. (2014),
Cohort research on Russian youth intraregional migration. In: European Population Conference 2014. Transitions: Opportunities and Threats. Budapest, Hungary: EAPS. [URL]

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